Prescriptive Analytics:

A Scientific Breakthrough


Our simulation-based prescriptive analytics solution will empower your team to make business decisions that accurately account for consumer behavior, competitor actions, and market dynamics. Prescriptive analytics will not only provide forecasts on your best ideas, but it also prescribes new ideas that help you explore strategies that maximize revenue. The difference between the old and new is outlined below: 


Traditional Business Analytics Concentric Prescriptive Analytics
Limited to one brand at a time

Includes your brand and 

all relevant competitors 

One outcome at a time —

usually sales

Results by segment, competitor and geography for sales and

brand metrics simultaneously

Defined by the historical results

of your brand

Discovers forward looking causal rules of your market for foresight and optimizations

Correlates paid media to

sales outcomes

Accounts for paid media, competitor actions, product performance, pricing, messaging, social network effects and other activities that change perceptions
Forecasts a single outcome for a single time series Forecasts sales, consideration, perceptions and WOM as outcomes
Historical insights delivered manually

Prescriptive solutions automated

by software

Powered by the knowledge of what drives consumer purchasing and what you need to change, your business will be able to proactively maximize revenue as market dynamics emerge. 

customers who use our prescriptive analytics software to answer their business questions customers who use our prescriptive analytics software to answer their business questions

Our Solution: A Kind Approach

While historical data and analytics explain past trends and describe patterns, you know the backward-looking approach does not give your team the tools they need to look ahead and answer the question tied to achieving your company’s revenue goals. You are looking for a solution that moves your capabilities forward. 



Move Your Capabilities Forward



From the status quo: To a new capability:
Slow to build and update Fast and nimble
Impossible to solve Possible to solve
Imperfect Continuously improving
Correlation-focused Causation-focused
Fragmented data and insights Integrated into one model
Old science Cutting edge science


Enterprise Collaboration Platform

This new capability also eliminates the asymmetries in power that exist in organizations where
data is siloed or there is heavy reliance on external consultants. It encourages collaboration
between analytics teams that build models and the decision-makers who use the platform.

Join the Revolution


You will be joining our customers who are already managing over $50B in revenue with our platform. You will be the one who replaces the complicated third-party consulting process with software that is faster, more comprehensive, and accurately prescriptive. You will deliver ROI of 7x+ and help your company maximize its revenue.


Contact our team today and together we will create a roadmap to revenue that helps your company exceed your goals and find solutions you never expected. 

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