Two wireless companies had merged and were shrinking in market share. Forecasting indicated that the decline would continue unless the company released a new, unified brand position. Before launch, the executive team needed to evaluate which position would deliver the highest ROI.



First, the team needed to understand the level of perception and consideration change required to achieve the desired lift. Concentric Market® revealed that 100% convergence on perception and consideration was essential to deliver ROI for the rebranding initiative.


What message will lift sales?

  • arrowThe team used Concentric Market® to test different strategies.

Concentric Market® simulated three different perception shifts: (1) quality-focused; (2) innovation-focused; and (3) support-focused. It became clear that a rebrand focusing on support would raise perceptions among the ideal consumer segment, increase sales, and negatively impact the competition.


Perception Shift Scenarios Tested

Perception Shift Scenarios Tested Perception Shift Scenarios Tested



Wireless provider reversed market share decline, and grew from 21M to 30M subscribers.

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“Concentric shines in simulating events that have never happened in real life, such as a new competitor entering the market.”

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