A media company was looking for a way to arm its sales team with analytics beyond show ratings to help sell ad space. Advertisers wanted to know how choosing a particular media platform would impact the advertiser’s goals. The analytics team set out to find a way to accelerate its ability to generate reports to help the sales team win more advertisers.



The analytics team realized they needed to find a way to demonstrate ROI upfront by accurately forecasting the impact of media plan decisions.


What if we deliver ROI forecasts?

  • arrowThe team used Concentric Market® to run tests in 11 markets.

The team first ran tests in 11 markets. The Concentric Market® model proved to be 93% accurate in forecasting campaign impact. The team then automated its analytics process, and went from 10 to 1000+ ROI evaluations a year.


ROI Evaluations

Show Concept Viewership Show Concept Viewership


Generated $7M in incremental profit YOY and increased TV advertising market share by 12%.

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“We have been impressed by Concentric Market’s ability to not only measure media channel ROI, but also simulate future outcomes.”

Media Agency CEO