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The Concentric platform enables organizations to quickly answer their what-if questions with prescriptive self-service analytics.

To build self-service capabilities, your team needs a new process — one designed to foster collaboration and deepen trust between people.

The Concentric platform is designed to serve as the catalyst to enable a faster, sleeker, lower cost delivery of analytics. Everyone has a role. Everyone benefits. You are in charge.

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Software to Run What-If Scenarios

A Unified View of Your Market A Unified View of Your Market
Concentric Market

A Unified View of Your Market

Concentric Market® is the analytics engine that enables you to create a mathematical twin of your business. Concentric Market is powered by a set of proprietary algorithms that taps into the predictive power of agent-based modeling. With a flexible design framework and a five-step workflow, your team rapidly populates disparate datasets to calibrate the model to your real-world outcomes. A well calibrated model allows you to predict what will happen next.

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Prescriptive Analytics:

The how to of business planning


Concentric Scenarios™ empowers teams to quickly run what-if scenarios and find the strategies and tactics that will deliver the results your company needs. Using the models built with Concentric Market, decision-maker tests their hypothesis to see which decision is likely to deliver the best results. Push and pull any lever at your disposal, game out your competitors next move; and spend your budgets wisely.

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Building a transformative analytics capability is a process.
Here is a what a typical journey looks like to deploy the Concentric platform.

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