Agent-Based Modeling

Put the consumer at the core of the analysis

  • - Connect all your data through the consumer
  • - Analyze your results by consumer type
  • - Forecast sales and brand metrics together
Agent-Based Modeling

“Given that ABMs potentially better match the moments of real-world data, at least in some situations and in some markets, and given their seeming success in other disciplines, the Bank of England has recently made an investment in them as part of its One Bank Research Agenda.”
- Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England
Bank of England
Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics

Account for human decision-making

  • - Incorporate consumer perceptions
  • Analyze all competitors at once
  • Test novel ideas and strategies

“Our clients need more than insight. They demand that we turn insight into daily action. Concentric helps us deliver on those needs with analytics that include individual and aggregate consumer research, sales and brand metrics, and paid and earned media.”
- Arnaud Parent, President, Havas Media Lab
Havas Media Lab

Network Science

Measure the contribution of word-of-mouth

  • - Evaluate word-of-mouth
  • - Attribute earned media
  • - Forecast viral spread of information
Network Science

“No matter what organizational level we look at, the same robust and universal laws that govern nature's webs seem to greet us. The challenge is for economic and network research alike to put these laws into practice.”
- Albert-László Barabási, Director, Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University
Northeastern University

Marketing Analytics

Use the next generation of attribution

  • - Extend your current capability
  • - Attribute all touchpoints at once
  • - Forecast the future contribution of channels
Marketing Analytics

“We have researched advanced attribution solutions for several years and are pleased to be able to leverage Concentric's technology solution. Historically, our post-campaign analytics were focused on impression delivery or digital attribution, not media channel ROI, much less simulations of future outcomes. Our client was thrilled with the results, which have informed a new media strategy.”
- Marilois Snowman, CEO, Mediastruction
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Validate your forecasts in market

  • - Learn from the past
  • - Test forecasts in-market
  • - Build market knowledge over time

“The cost and speed of running [agent-based models] has been revolutionized. There has been a revolution, every bit as significant, in the availability of data to calibrate these models.”
- Andy Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England
Bank of England


Do it yourself in Concentric Market®

  • - Follow a simple five-step workflow
  • - Find immediate help and quality assurance
  • - Get unlimited technical support

“Concentric is awesome. What I like best about it is being able to break down the siloes between separate sets of data that often can’t talk to each other. Not to mention, they have wonderful customer support and are always there to help you get the most out of the do-it-yourself software. It’s certainly a game changer in marketing simulation!”
- Mallory Burns, Senior Analyst, The Martin Agency
The Martin Agency

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Connect your data through Concentric Market®

  • - Input data with different time granularity
  • - Bring disparate data sources together
  • Integrate with your processes and activation

“Do you want to begin using future simulation tools now? Take a close look at Concentric. By bringing our teams' collective body of knowledge into one decision-making tool, we were able to test what-if scenarios our current econometric models simply don't address.”
- Bryan Schulz, Senior Research Manager, Toyota

Collaborative Analytics

Unify your organization

  • - Empower your team
  • - Use any data you have available
  • - Keep knowledge in-house
Collaborative Analytics

“Concentric Market is the best business software I've ever seen in my 35 years in business!”
- Peter Clay, former VP Global Business Management, Gillette/P&G

The breakthroughs are for you

Concentric Market® will connect your data sources, analytics, and stakeholders. It will do so in a collaborative process, in which different people around the organization contribute their expertise and perspective.

Together, you, your teams, and Concentric Market® will provide the answers to your organization's questions.